2014 Reels

Here are bits and pieces from what I’ve been working on recently. There’s some really exciting footage including an animation collaboration with Tararchy for Chicago Artists Month in October and color correction for the new Cokegoat video as well as exciting animations and editing for Vince Irby’s educational films.

I’m freelancing in Chicago and can work remotely, hire me for your editing, animating, color correction and vfx needs!

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2013 Reels

Two reels from 2013 encompassing the best of the year, one post production, one animation

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The Unknown

A stop motion film about the short life of an ant. Created in 6 months from pre-production to final edit, this pseudo-documentary was my final film made at DePaul University for my Masters in Animation.

“Do ants have ovaries? This is a question that many people ask, yet few actually know. In this animated documentary we explore the reproductive life of the ant, to discover that we don’t know what we already know.”

***Official Selection Portland Underground Film Festival***
***Official Selection Atlanta Underground Film Festival***

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The Handsome Family

This is a new music video of The Handsome Family playing their song, Octopus, off of their album, Wilderness. Available at Carrot Top Records or iTunes or at your local record store.

I created these images with ink, water, hand drawn animation, digital drawings and rotoscoping.

Live band footage shot by Patrick Monaghan at Low Spirits in Albuquerque, NM.

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Clayton Hauck Director Reel

Clayton Hauck Slow Emotions Reel from katie kapuza on Vimeo.

Here’s an edit I did for my friend Clayton’s reel. This was shot in slow motion and I took some liberties to change the speed and add a music track by Modeselektor. Check out Clayton Hauck photography at his website or contact his agency.

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2012 Animation Reel

This is a compilation of animated films I made in 2012 using stop motion, hand drawn animation, After Effects, Maya, and clay.


music: Maddox Brothers and Rose – That’ll Learn Ya Durn Ya

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2012 Post Production Reel

Here’s a recap of some of the post production jobs I’ve had in 2012. I used Final Cut Pro, Color, After Effects and Premiere Pro in these videos.

Footage (in order of appearance):

Faith in Destiny dir. James Choi
*VFX artist*
Josh Chicoine music video dir. Chris Batte
*VFX artist/ color corrector*
Ave N Guitar Shop advertisement dir. Chris Batte
*VFX artist/color corrector*
Girl Talk/Bacardi Plus promo dir. Chris Batte
*VFX artist/color corrector*
Rivals of the Peacemaker music video dir. Chris Batte
*VFX artist/color corrector*
Summer Girlfriends music video dir. Dave Rentauskas
*Editor/color corrector*

Diplo – Must Be A Devil

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Old Man and the Bird

Megan Reilly “Old Man and the Bird” from katie kapuza on Vimeo.

I made this video for Megan Reilly and Carrot Top Records over the past couple months.
There are more than 1000 watercolor images made on glass for the effect.
It exclusively premiered on IFC.com on July 30th.
You can check out Megan’s new album here.

**2013 Music Video Award of Excellence from the Canada International Film Festival**

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Rivals of the Peacemaker

Rivals of the Peacemaker “Day After the Rapture” from katie kapuza on Vimeo.

Here’s a new video directed by Chris Batte featuring the Chicago band, Rivals of the Peacemaker. I did the VFX and color correction. Follow the link to read the rest of the video credits.

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we don’t want to be wholesome

This animation was inspired by the spoken word record “God Isn’t Dead” by Gertrude Behanna. Here Ms. Behanna talks to a church congregation about all of her past transgressions and regrets, while the audience finds some of her recovery quite funny. I cut up pieces of the audio and thought it would play nicely with cut up pieces of fashion magazines and junk mail.

This animation is currently on display in Woman Made Gallery’s Consumer Culture show in Chicago, IL May 4th – June 21st, 2012.

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